At Incide we always say, do it right the first time or you’ll have to pay the price. It is a fact that  fixing a branding mistake is several times more costly than any top branding agency fee.

So our founder Allard Marx decided to put together this post to share some crucial mistakes we have seen very often in 25 years of business and that could easily be avoided.

Pick a namePick a brand name you like
The trouble with this is that it’s not about you but your target customers. And the legal availability of that name.
The cost is that with a name that you happen to like is that it is just an in-joke to you, funky or fun but has little to do with your product or service. You then have to spend more money explaining what it’s all about or to get it remembered. And if you happen to trample on someone else’s trademark you will either have pay legal fees or buckle immediately, change name and launch again. That’s not cheap either.

ListenListen to other people’s branding opinions 
There’s a fine line between structured market feedback, consumer research and people’s personal opinions. The trouble with asking for opinions from friends is that while it’s cheap, they invariably give an opinion. And almost by default this is invariably critical because most people like to prove to you how clever they are (by spotting real or imaginary errors in your product, plan or campaign). So by all means ask but listen at your peril. Make sure you can distinguish between market intelligence and personal cleverness.
Stabucks similarChoose a brand logo your partner likes
Same deal as above. Is it relevant? Have you checked competitors? (You always have competitors! For attracting good talent, for investment, for customers). Can it be used in small sizes? Is it memorable and does it look like anything else at all or you’re again courting disaster with a law suit.
Incide market researchGet seduced by your own clever ideas
You’re very clever. Everybody tells you this. But they are not the ones putting their money and reputation on the line. Do test your hypotheses properly! Spend time researching markets, other products and get involved in the physicality of your product in detail for every working step of the way. How it will be made, sold, shipped etc. Consumers and customers today are hyper-critical. One small blunder and you’ve lost.
Spend all the budget you have quickly
If you have budgets, you’ll find a way to spend them. Easy. Plenty of marketing options knocking on your door. All enticing, alluring, glossy, sexy. Tip: Take the 10% approach. If you only had 10% of your budget, what would you do? The other approach is simple opportunity cost. If you do not spend £40,000 on that one page ad. in Vogue, what else could you do with that money? Explore all your options. Research them. Now keep doing that and get the best ‘bang for your buck’ all the time.
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