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Racing brand success – Formula branding

When a Formula 1 team approached us to gain sponsors on the back of major corporate change and branding projects, we soon became very involved. Brand value in the racing industry is a crucial asset to take care of. Think of Ferrari and merchandise. Initially we brokered a partnership beween Arrows Formula 1 Grand Prix […]

Sky Race World Cup – Airshow Franchise

If you wanted a spectacular sports franchise; that was clean and sustainable and was somewhere between the Red Bull Airshow and Formula 1, what would it be and how would it be managed? Planetaire, a company that we helped develop and name, is planning just that. Based in clean green Sweden it is working on […]

Put some Spring in your approach to business

You approach to business challenges is part-shaped by your personal history, your nationality/culture and your education. It is also often shaped by how long you have been staring at the same problem in frustration. It is entirely understandable that after some time all you can see in front of you is the obstacle and why […]


UK BrandVoice Study This survey compares how the top 200 companies in the UK greet their customers and suppliers. Telephone interviews were conducted amongst 191 company receptions in the UK. Each receptionist was asked to name two senior personnel within their organisation, their responses were then ranked on a basis of 1-10 against the following […]

Company Life at INCIDE

At INCIDE our life and business has always been naturally balanced as company life has always taken account of the lives of our partners as a matter of course. When one of our partners decided to move to Hong Kong we opened an office there. She then moved to Sydney and we did it again. […]