Asia Cup

Racing brand success – Formula branding

When a Formula 1 team approached us to gain sponsors on the back of major corporate change and branding projects, we soon became very involved. Brand value in the racing industry is a crucial asset to take care of. Think of Ferrari and merchandise.

Asia Cup2

The Asia Cup race

Initially we brokered a partnership beween Arrows Formula 1 Grand Prix Team and STAR TV in Hong and soon we were working with Team Lotus F1 in its ultimately successful quest to re-enter Formula 1.
We were retained by a Kuala Lumpur-based racing team and rebranded them as Meritus Racing. They went on to win a multitude of championships around Asia and now run the hugely successful Asia Cup Series.

Sky Race World Cup – Airshow Franchise

If you wanted a spectacular sports franchise; that was clean and sustainable and was somewhere between the Red Bull Airshow and Formula 1, what would it be and how would it be managed?

Planetaire, a company that we helped develop and name, is planning just that. Based in clean green Sweden it is working on staging the Sky Race World Cup, using gliders equipped with Navicam technology (where each glider knows where the other is in order to film it from the air without helicopters). Other complementary technologies makes this potentially an amazing and exciting spectacle. INCIDE has been closely involved from the outset originally naming and branding Navicam and its rights holder, Captimax
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Associative Interpellation

Our approach to problem solving – Associative Interpellation

There are a number of ways that members of our team help CEO’s and their direct reports:

– Strategy Workshops
– Leadership Communications
– Implementation Support
For this level of work we adopt an approach we call Associative Interpellation.

This phrase may appear baffling or pretentious but when we tried to define our approach, no standard wording quite did the job.

Associative because many inter-connected elements are triggered and brought together. ‘Interpellation’ commonly used in French and Italian indicating a combination of to seek wisdom from, question and ask for involvement.

This is a management consulting style that is markedly different from the traditional linear process model (and diagrams) that suggest all progress can be likened to a scholastically simple and sequential domino-like cause and effect continuum.

We know that life and business is a little more complex than that. Our model, and we have one for the sake of clarity, is more akin to a three-dimensional venn diagram in constant evolution.

If we accept that gut-feel and intuition are actually complex thought patterns founded on learning, experience and perhaps something inexplicable combined, then yes, gut-feel is involved. Definitely.

Only a team of people that is multi-cultural, has worked and succeed in several countries and industries can offer this. There are people who ‘interpel’ data, people, personal case studies and a deep familiarity of subject matters and who have an adaptability quotient way off the culture scale.

Is this an intellectual approach? You bet. Is it practical? Most certainly. Our team members have made things happen time and time again with results to prove it.

Associate Interpellation. A term born from the very approach that it represents. So now let’s speak about your business.



Work & Company Life

Company Life at INCIDE

At INCIDE our life and business has always been naturally balanced as company life has always taken account of the lives of our partners as a matter of course.

When one of our partners decided to move to Hong Kong we opened an office there. She then moved to Sydney and we did it again. Why? Because very early on we realised that to remain invigorated consultants we needed variety, the freedom to live and work anywhere and the flexibility of going with, and therefore keeping, good people.

The client benefit of this is that we are adaptable and consistently still excited by new challenges, countries and cultures and in turn that we bring that renewed knowledge and breadth of thinking to bear on our next projects. We have lost count of the number of countries we have worked in.

We work together even when we are physically apart and make grateful and full use of modern technologies. Our work and lifestyles would not be possible without them.

Work is a necessary part of life for most of us, yet structured in this way and working with the right people, both clients and colleagues, it becomes life’s nexus. Many of our clients become friends and several friends have become clients. We could not really wish for more.