Work & Company Life

Company Life at INCIDE

At INCIDE our life and business has always been naturally balanced as company life has always taken account of the lives of our partners as a matter of course.

When one of our partners decided to move to Hong Kong we opened an office there. She then moved to Sydney and we did it again. Why? Because very early on we realised that to remain invigorated consultants we needed variety, the freedom to live and work anywhere and the flexibility of going with, and therefore keeping, good people.

The client benefit of this is that we are adaptable and consistently still excited by new challenges, countries and cultures and in turn that we bring that renewed knowledge and breadth of thinking to bear on our next projects. We have lost count of the number of countries we have worked in.

We work together even when we are physically apart and make grateful and full use of modern technologies. Our work and lifestyles would not be possible without them.

Work is a necessary part of life for most of us, yet structured in this way and working with the right people, both clients and colleagues, it becomes life’s nexus. Many of our clients become friends and several friends have become clients. We could not really wish for more.