Corporate Branding

In its heyday in the 80’s “corporate identity” and corporate brand consulting was an expensive affair. Heavy on process, fees often exceeded hundreds of thousands.

Today you can “get a quick logo done” for under a 100.

At INCIDE we fall somewhere in between. We still believe that corporate branding should help project a cogent strategy, a solid structure and is far too important a tool to sketch out overnight. A corporate brand is about corporate culture and behaviour, operational standards and expectations and a design and communications system that reinforces that visually, textually and orally. A corporate brand is your company.

So if you want a quick fix don’t come to us. If instead you are launching something seriously significant, merging two companies or preparing a division to be spun off, that’s where we can help you get it right. Build consensus, get people aligned, grow confidence and conviction for both internal and external audiences and, yes, design a logo too – that we can do.


Over the twenty years that I have worked with INCIDE’s team, they have always had an excellent grasp of business issues, organisational structure, political sensitivities and market conditions. Their work is incisive, fast and makes a substantial contribution to defining and clarifying strategies and business propositions to internal and external audiences.

Giovanni Di SorteVice-President Communications - Ansaldo STS and previously Finmeccanica - Ansaldo STS

Corporate Naming

As part of the above we can be called upon to develop a name.

You’ve already named a dog, a child or a house perfectly well so why use us?

Because it’s not just you. Because it needs to communicate positively in all key languages. And because it needs to be distinctive and registrable as a trade mark.

We use a process called Progressive Elimination where up to 1,000 names developed specially for you are passed through a series of filters to arrive at a viable shortlist of 5-10 candidates.

Projects Sample

Aethic – skincare

Alenia – aerospace Italy

AppOs – restaurant app

Archemys – approved new name for Enimont ENI-Montedison merger

Dermagie – face cream

Photamin – light resistant ingredient

Telia – Swedish telecom

Wellview – medical practice Sydney

Sôvée – sunscreen

VitalState – supplements company USA

Tazza – drink for Paulig Finland

Pimento – spices division for Paulig Finland

Meritus – formula racing team Malaysia

Delfino – sports car company

Doreca – Peroni distribution company

Nexa – approved replacement name for Finmeccanica (never implemented)


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