Are you considering crowdfunding as a way to bring your idea to life?

Our experience will help

A Crowdfunding campaign is not different from a marketing campaign in many ways, that’s why at INCIDE we have created a guide and ad-hoc services to help you through this process.

Is your idea suitable for crowdfunding?
Have you done your homework to raise capital?
Do you know which platform or platforms are more suitable to your crowdfunding campaign?
How are you going to reach the amount of people you need to gain enough momentum?
Have you ever heard of the empty restaurant effect?
Is your start-up and investor base based in the UK?
Did you know you could offer fiscal incentives even through a crowdfunding campaign?

We have gone hundreds of times over these questions and we are now packing all these crucial information into very our guide.

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Business brand Book by Allard Marx
MIM - Business Start-up Course in London

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