Management Team

At INCIDE we are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow

Allard Marx

Allard Marx

Managing Director

Allard has spent the last 27 years on various aspects of reputation management and business growth for such companies as Coca Cola, hp, TIME, Cathay Pacific, Team Lotus F1, Star TV, SONY, Finmeccanica, Disney, KLM and INSEAD Business School.

Founder of numerous start-ups including a sports car brand featured on the BBC’s Top Gear, Allard recently also founded world’s first fully eco-compatible skin care company.

As the founder of INCIDE he brings this wealth of experience to bear in helping companies and entrepreneurs improve their chances in a competitive world.

Before founding INCIDE in 1991, Allard had a successful general management career starting-up or turning around subsidiaries for multi-nationals in Italy and Pakistan. He worked for Courtaulds, Colgate Palmolive, Amatil (Australian) and London International Group, before entering the consulting profession. He has remained extremely hands-on.

He has a B.A. (Hons.) in International Marketing, has guest-lectured at a number of business schools, appeared as expert witness in several court cases and as brand specialist on CNN.

Allard has very considerable experience of leading businesses, facilitating senior or board meetings and has managed several pluri-national culture, strategy and branding programmes. He brings clarity of vision to situations and often uses his insights to improve plans and execute them successfully.

As a Dutchman born in Italy and raised in UK, he speaks English, French, Italian and Dutch to board presentation level.

Leo Rodriquez

Leo Rodriquez

Digital Strategies

With a double degree in International Relations and Business, Leopoldo has spent the past 12 years between the Yachting Industry and Strategic and Digital Marketing with clients in 10 different countries.

Leopoldo founded 3 companies so far including the 2nd Crowd Funding platform worldwide, during the 2008 financial crisis, which was featured by MSNBC Fast money in the U.S., he then sold his shares.

Before joining INCIDE Leopoldo has also worked on strategic and digital marketing research projects campaigns and launches for Telecom Italia Mobile, Omnifeedback, Poste Italiane, Boero, BASF, Aicon Yachts, Port Authority of Saint Marteen, Port Authority of Sardenia and many others.

With in-depth knowledge of the Yachting Industry & digital technologies together with his vast expertise and network in the luxury industry he brings his technical expertise and project management skills to the team.

As a partner of INCIDE he brings this wealth of experience to in help companies succeed and set the right path to grow fast and sustainably on international markets.

Leopoldo has lived and worked in USA, UK, UAE, FRANCE, ITALY and maintains his knowledge and a pragmatic approach to business and communication within different cultures.

Leopoldo speaks fluent: English, Italian and Spanish