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Put some Spring in your approach to business

You approach to business challenges is part-shaped by your personal history, your nationality/culture and your education. It is also often shaped by how long you have been staring at the same problem in frustration. It is entirely understandable that after some time all you can see in front of you is the obstacle and why it cant be done. Sitting on the chair of gloom pending defeat it is difficult to stand and see over the wall and hear the distant sound of success. Let alone leap over it.

Giving you the energy for a new perspective, a different approach, a new route-to-market is what putting a spring in your approach means. What better time to do this than now?
‘How’ is our key word and how you overcome obstacles, how you find a way to get something done is central to life, business survival and is the bedrock of strategy.
Why is static and last century. How is the way forward.
Have a chat to us and see how we can help you overcome your current challenges. It would be good to make some progress again wouldn’t it? Give us a call now or request a call back
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UK BrandVoice Study
This survey compares how the top 200 companies in the UK greet their customers and suppliers.

Telephone interviews were conducted amongst 191 company receptions in the UK. Each receptionist was asked to name two senior personnel within their organisation, their responses were then ranked on a basis of 1-10 against the following criteria:



Speed of answering

Knowledge of key personnel

Key Findings:
Over 15% of companies have a policy of not disclosing names of senior management to outside callers. 13% were found to be horribly slow in answering the phone call in the first place; taking more than 8 rings to answer.

Only 52% of companies were found to be friendly to callers and 64% were rated as sounding professional. 9% of companies were downright unfriendly.
The overall rankings of companies are as follows:

Top 5 CompaniesRank
The Boots Company PLC 1
Barclays Bank 2
Bravo 3
Bank of Scotland 4
Marconi PLC 5
Bottom 5 CompaniesRank
Pfizer 187
Powergen 188
Financial Service Authority 189
Woolworth PLC 190
Kodak 191