Or better yet you want to create the next ‘BIG THING’ and you need a techy guy or team.

Stop wasting time

You can waste time finding people and stumble along expensively and slowly….

Because there are so many out there it’s tempting to think that you can put a team of programmers and coders together in no time…. App and Software development in London

Yet finding the right individuals can turn into a nightmare. There are so many options and coding languages and how do you know which one can really do the job? Alternatively most development companies give you work piecemeal, constantly rack up further fees and keep the people doing the actual work obscured from you. They’ll also try and lock you in and make you dependent on them. How on earth then can you ever build an in-house team?

You’d have to go search for the right people all over again….

And it’s not just about making something work is it? It’s about developing something that works in the right way for end users. It needs to be easily accessible, easily understood, simple to use and it needs to DO something that adds value to the lives of people like you. And you want to achieve all this as inexpensively as possible.

Read on and find out why you should come to us.

Or choose our Transparent Partnership approach

At INCIDE we’ve had experience of the development market and analysed it. We also know how consumers and users behave. Just how impatient they are and how they think. That’s crucial guidance and coupled with our project management skills, experienced and practical programming team, we’re a great come-to option.

And we are not one of those development companies that try to make you dependent, nor one where you’ll never know who does the work because instead we’ll work transparently and give you the coders who worked on your project ‘on a plate’ too.

Once you have reached the agreed deliverables and learned from us how to manage the technical team, you can approach them directly and decide to make them your team, your company, your in-house value.

We hope you agree that our Transparent Partnership approach makes quite a difference.

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Transparent Partnership

  • You come to us with an idea or a well defined project

    Usually it’s an idea

  • If needed we’ll help you define the ins and outs

    And if needed you can use us to develop the graphic

  • We’ll draw the development plan to match your budget

    And define the coding languages we’ll need for the project

  • We select the most appropriate coders for the project

    Our chief developer puts together the team that will be working EXCLUSIVELY on your project.

  • We start the development process

    Using Agile software development methodology to control and deliver the milestones as per plan.

  • You learn how to manage the developers

    So you can do it effectively on your own next time without wasting money and time in managing people that speak a “different language” from you.

  • We deliver the project and give you access to manage the developers directly

    Once the project is finished you get full control of the platform we use to manage the developers, pay them hourly, test them in the recruiting process, and check their progress and the quality of their work.

Incide Hakuna Matata

It’s going to be fun

Instead of going on your own hiring coders on a remote work platform or at your office use INCIDE, to get your project moving. You will shorten your learning curve. Make it far less expensive, avoid a huge waste of time, stress, and the necessary mistakes all of us make doing something new. If you have done it already even on a small project, you know what we mean.

With us you’ll have the most stress-free software developing experience possible.

Go on, throw us a challenge and watch it thrive.

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