Misfit Shine review

Fitness Wearable device review and work productivity – The Misfit Shine –

A wearable device review was long due especially because we love to try new products and review them. If new products come to life much in line with our ethos (tag line) – Applied Human Intelligence – we usually like them even more. I have put my hands on the Misfit Shine and Allard was given the Fitbit from his son (lucky dad), as a consequence we are fully tracked human beings now. Not only we tell Google all about our businesses, commuting and travels and we tell Facebook about what we eat (essentially) who we hang out with. Now we tell two more servers all about or physical movements and (by manual input) our health parameters (Health kit on iPhones).

There is plenty of solid research available about how an healthy lifestyle intertwines with work productivity, if you haven’t seen any yet here is a good one from the University of Warwick (See the full research in PDF here). There are also exceptional cases such as that of Technogym that just launched the Wellness Accelerator program for young entrepreneurs.

Back to my point, here below my first impressions as a user, a fitness aficionado and entrepreneur about the Misfit Shine (and the Misfit Flash).

What I love about it:

1) It’s water resistant so I can go swimming with it. (The only one in its price range that I know of)

2) Its design is discreet so you don’t have to wear it they way the manufacturer decided but the other way around. As an end-user you tell them (by writing on the Misfit App) where on your body you are wearing the device.

3) The App is pretty well done and rather easy to use

4) It tracks your sleep too.

5) Price point is pretty accessible both for the Shine and even more for the Flash (basically made in plastic instead of metal frame)

6) Battery life – hard to say for sure but I feel this is going to be an issue only once a year or so.

What I am doubtful about:

1) User-Friedlyness:  I am pretty good with my hands and at first I had trouble using the little tool that was in the box to insert the battery. The tool edge was not sharp enough to fit in the allocated space to open the device. As a result I have slightly damaged the small space where you are supposed to insert this iPhone-like device to insert the battery (instead of the SIM card on the iPhone)

You are supposed to tap it every time you want to see where you are at in the process of reaching your daily goal (in points) but I feel it doesn’t always respond to the double tap. Sometimes I have to do it multiple times to actually make it work

2)Accuracy: I admit, I might be a little biased (or out of the core target market) because my level of activity is very high and I started tracking physical activities a long time ago. (with the shoe sensor of Nike+ since I started I logged on the Running App more than 5000km of running). The issue is that they have developed various algorithms to track different activities (swimming, running, walking, cycling, basketball, football etc.) however, because the device is based on a trip-axial acceleromenter it actually lacks to track resistance. What this means in simple English is that if you move your fore arm up (like lifting weight for biceps) it would track the movement but it would not know if you are lifting 20kg. The simple solution would be to integrate a heart monitor which would be able to process the real time difference in energy consumption. On the negative side a heart rate monitor would hugely impact energy consumption. (the iWatch which does embed an heart rate monitor indeed, will require to be re-charged frequently)

3) Style: I get the idea of upgrading it with a leather wrist band and other fancy accessories like necklaces etc.., but, business wise, if you are doing a more upmarket version (the Misfit Shine) and an entry level version (the Misfit Flash) with differentiating prices and feel to it (metal vs plastic product) it would be a good idea to add a better looking wrist band than the one provided.

Overall consideration: Good value for money, the product and brand have a lot of room for improvement. The product won two design awards. From a business point of view we feel that it might cause a problem that such a beautiful looking ‘core’ product does not currently have stunning accessories to go with which might diminish its perceived value to prospective buyers. “The product” should be considered as a whole to include accessories, experience and thus its first impression from a branding point of view (including the experience). The Misfit is a good product but the whole product experience could be improved, although the price point if kept at this level, doesn’t allow much upgrades.

The experiment: Allard and I will attempt to adapt and correlate the use of these devices to our work productivity and try to come to a conclusion if these can be used to partially track work productivity too. Subscribe to our newsletter below to receive updates.